The 905TM Executive Network is a pay-it-forward group whose primary function is to foster purposeful networking among experienced business/industry professionals and executives of integrity. Many are currently in transition.”.

Entry to the 905 LinkedIn group is contingent upon meeting the below policies as well as attending at least one of the 905 meetings.

There is NO fee to attend except a great attitude and a willingness to help others.

Attendees who do not meet the threshold qualifications may be redirected to other more appropriate network groups. 


  1. Agree to “pay it forward”, by sharing information about companies, jobs, interviewing techniques, recruiters, other networking opportunities, etc.; and, when deemed appropriate, with introductions to those in your network.
  2. Actively participate in a positive manner during the networking meeting—All are expected to help each other.
  3. Look forward, not backward—each of us has a horror story or two (or more) to relate—save it forThe culture within the 905 organization focuses on the positive.  As part of that culture, we try to have a sense of humor and some fun at our meetings, and tend not to be excessively PC.
  4. Bring sufficient businessAlso bring paper/pen to make notes about referred contacts, and to jot down information about other members so you can remember what they are seeking and thoughts you may have to help them.
  5. Actively participate in a positive manner on the 905 LinkedIn Group, including appropriate postings—politically-related or other unapproved postings will be removed.
  6. Pay it forward, learn something, have fun and receive.
  7. Perform a “Victory Lap” after you get aTypically this means you attend a meeting or meetings after being hired, announcing your new position and  provide any insight into your success.
  8. As a senior industry leader, on occasion you may be needed to facilitate the 905 meeting – it is everyone’s meeting and we all participate.”



Vendors are not welcome at our meetings unless they have talked to the group leader first.  While there are some very skilled service professionals who may have much to offer the group, they need to be vetted first.  We have received regular and consistent feedback that the group does not want to be treated as a “target-rich environment” for those interested in selling their products or services.



Recruiters are welcome to join the 905 group after being vetted by the 905 LinkedIn Group Manager. The 905 group meetings are a rich sourcing environment with many top candidates for your positions.

We are eager to have you post in our general discussions and job posting area of the 905 Linked In group site. LinkedIn allows each group manager one broadcast announcement each week. While we try to keep this to a respectful level, we will use this tool to help you post “Hot positions” and deeper position profiles.

We will only allow non-employee paid recruiters and postings on the 905 discussions group. Violation of this or any complaints from members may result in your removal from the 905 group. The intent of this rule is not punitive, it is to remain congruent with our charter and values of a pay-it-forward fee-less organization. 

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